Lust: Milano Woody Scooter Helmet by VCAN

Written by kristin

The VCAN Milano Scooter Helmet is so lust-worthy in simulated wood grain finish. Check this out.

milano-woody-helmetI recently came across the coolest helmet on the face of the planet via the ScootAbout website. It’s the VCAN Milano Scooter Helmet in wood grain. I mean, look at it! You could boggle your mind just trying to figure out how they got the wood to bend like that.

Oh, it’s simulated wood grain. Right.

This helmet immediately made me think of Benjimen’s stunning Country Squire Woody Vespa. It matches exactly and if I were him, I’d totally get one of these pronto.

Here’s a few pics of his awesome custom scooter alongside the Frankenstella:



The scooter and the helmet make a great match, right?

I can’t speak for their comfort as I’ve never worn a VCAN helmet. But you can go try them one in store. For $75, they’re a steal. I’d pick one up, but I’ve already got three helmets, including a newish Ladybug style retro HCI helmet. Still, I think this one’s going on my wish list!

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  • Are you serious?! I JUST bought the same lady bug helmet today! I think you’re my long lost twin. I must also thank you for writing about deciding on cc sizes on scooters, because I took a leap of faith and bought a 2006 Vespa LX 150!

  • Mintii – great minds think alike! (Or fools seldom differ?)

    Congrats on the new LX! How do you like it so far? It’s a beautiful scoot and a great size, I think.

  • I love my Vespa so far. It has been an exciting experience just leading up to me getting the scooter here and to legally drive it. I’ve had about 4 rides on it so far, and it has been very very exciting. I’m new to riding scooters, so I am very happy with the new adventures that wait for me and Aubergine (my scooter’s name!)