Scooter Covers to the Rescue

Written by kristin

stellasnow9Parking your scooter outdoors is not for the faint of heart, even if it’s a necessity for many of us. Unless you’re able to pamper your ride in the climate-controlled comfort of a garage, it’s essential to shield it from the elements. Even in the garage, dust and other sediment can find its way into nooks and crannies uninvited.

Rain, snow, wind and even sun hammer away at your scooter. Moisture causes rust and can also do worse damage if it gets inside your engine or instruments. UV sunlight weakens rubber and fabric while fading paint. Birds do their business on your shiny metallic flake. Then there’s the little creatures bedding down for the winter in your tail pipe or cowls, destroying the integrity of your scooter in the process.

The best way to protect your scooter against all these hazards is with a high-quality, properly fitted scooter cover. It’s a simple, economical solution for protecting your investment.

Living in the famously rainy Seattle, I’ve gone through my share of scooter covers. Most of them last a season or two before getting stretched out, moldy, or blowing away all together in the dark of night. I peeled off the Frankenstella’s last cover in the spring to reveal an orgy of rust. Water got inside and the cover dutifully held it inside all winter, soaking all my chrome bits for months.

Then came to the rescue. I had the pleasure of receiving one of their scooter covers for review, and I’m here to urge to immediately to go order one. If you fully trust me, just click here and go buy their Ultimate Shield Scooter Cover. It’ll be the best $90 you’ve spent.

Need more convincing? Read on for a dozen things I love about this cover.

Customized Fit

One of the biggest problems I’ve faced with scooter covers in the past is fit. Generic covers are variable in size, and don’t necessarily accomodate your accessories like a topcase and windscreen. If you get a jumbo size one to make sure your trunk and windshield are covered, you may end up with too much cover, which simply billows in the wind and develops craters where puddles of water fester and eventually soak through. My Vespa suffered this fate since it’s equipped with what I affectionately call the “riot shield” – a super tall windscreen that makes fitting a cover a challenge.

Also there’s the fact that my Vespa GTS Super is significantly larger all around than, say, a Genuine Buddy or a Honda Metro. Yet many scooter covers claims to be “one size fits all.” Similar to me shopping for clothes as a girl at six feet tall — one size doesn’t fit at all.

So the first thing I noticed at is the drop-down box that allows you to select your exact model of scooter. Then during checkout, you specify which accessories are installed – such as topcase and/or windscreen. These details are factored in and the perfect size cover is chosen for your specific needs. Not totally custom, but darn close.

Excellent Customer Service

Ordering online can be a crapshoot, especially when we’re talking about a product with so many variables. But the website is well designed and user-friendly, and the ordering process seamless. They even have a live support chat option if you need further guidance after reading the comprehensive FAQ. Yay user experience!

Shipping is fast and free. In most cases, you’ll get your cover in a few days. And if you receive your cover and it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite what you expected, they offer a 30-day return policy for any reason. They’re also extremely accessible and provide many ways to get in touch with them, whether you prefer phone, email or chat. The whole process is easy and hassle-free.

High Quality Fabric

When I opened my freshly-arrived cover, the first thing I noticed was the material. The fabric feels like no other cover I’ve bought, which are usually some type of vinyl or plastic-coated tarp. The Ultimate Shield Scooter Cover is soft, but extremely strong. It won’t tear. And it’s all fuzzy inside to protect your paint and other scratchable surfaces.


Strong Seams

Past covers I’ve thrown in the garbage were quick to flap in the wind and come apart at the seams. Once a little hole opens up in the seam, the whole cover is compromised and quickly shreds. But the stitching on my new cover is clearly heavy-duty and able to withstand some serious weather. (The product specs tell me the seams are “ultrasonically welded.” Take that, Seattle rain!)



The cover features shielded vents to allow airflow without letting the elements in. Proper venting prevents mold and mildew, while also keeping the cover from becoming a sail in the wind. Air can pass through without catching and pulling, so the cover stays put.


Adjustable Buckles and Grommets

My favorite feature is the awesome buckle with adjustable strap. The elastic on the bottom holds the cover on place around the tires, but the buckle secures the whole thing to your scooter right around the middle. I know from experience how useful this will be in keeping the cover tightly fitted throughout the season.


The cover also has reinforced grommets for additional leverage.


Included Storage Bag

The cover comes with a sturdy draw-string storage sack for when you’re off enjoying your scooter. I was surprised how easily I got the giant cover back into the bag – it’s adequately sized and makes the cover simple to store.

Perfect Fit

As I mentioned earlier, the cover was sized perfectly for me during ordering. So even with the big rump of my GTS complete with topcase, the cover drapes perfectly.


Idiot Proofing

A small detail, but one that I immediately appreciated: the orientation of the cover is clearly marked with a tag that says “front.” Now why can’t they do this for fitted bedsheets?!



If anything does go wrong with your scooter cover, offers a seven year warranty against defects on the Ultimate Shield cover. The Platinum Shield has a ten year warranty. It will likely last longer than my scooter.


Right now, the covers range from $50 to $100, a total steal given the quality of the construction, the length of the warranty, and the level of protection they provide for your expensive little machine.

Protect the money and time you’ve invested in your scooter by shielding it from the elements with a high-quality cover. Even when garaged, a cover will protect your scooter both cosmetically and structurally. Keep your scoot under wraps and it will bring you joy for many seasons to come.

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