Lust: Birthday Edition

Written by kristin

My birthday wishlist.

Since it’s my birthday, I decided to post my current Top 5 Most Desired Scooters of All Time, in case anyone is feeling both flush and generous at the moment. In fact, perhaps you’re looking to do something meaningful with your tax return this year. Here’s some inspiration. Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide my delivery address.

1. Vespa GTS 300 Super (white)


Not that I don’t love Aphrodite, but with another 50cc’s, I could ride two-up like I mean it.

Also, a new white scooter would provide a blank slate for the application of large, garish heart decals to advertise Scooter Lust.

Matching topcase would be a plus. Oh, and full chrome kit.

2. Atomic Fireball Stella, #34 of 150

Joni riding Arson the Atomic Fireball Stella, and looking very much like a superhero.

Joni riding Arson the Atomic Fireball Stella, and looking very much like a superhero.

I’ve been lusting after the Fireball Stella since it came out in 2005. There was only 150 of them made.

In December, Joni Jett (on the Fireball!) told me she was selling her Fireball, which I’d dubbed “Arson.” I wanted that scooter so bad it hurt. I was sleepless every night, trying to figure out how I could scrape enough cash together to save him from relocation.

When I triumphantly figured out a plan and called her, she informed me she’d sold it the previous day. File under: kicking myself endlessly.

If you decide to get me one of these, I’m seeking #34 in particular to celebrate my birthday this year. But, I could probably find it in my heart to accept another number in case that one’s not available.



3. Pink Genuine Stella, with Cozy Rocket Sidecar (and whitewalls)

I love me some Pink Stella action. I’m a little jealous of Doc’s (below). If his had a Cozy sidecar, I might have to steal it from him.

The above one is from Amerivespa 2007, which took place in Seattle. I could do without the “Hello Kitty” theme, despite my nickname. LOVE the custom seat, however.

The sidecar is for my imaginary border collie.


4. 1976 Vespa Rally 200


In my opinion, the Rally 200 is the sexiest piece of machinery Vespa created before the turn of the century. Just look at it. Totally hot.

“Electronic” all retro stenciled on the cowls makes me ache a little bit.

Ideally, I’d like my 1976 Rally stock with original red paint (Guy tells me the red makes it go faster), although a tasteful restoration will do.

Why 1976? To celebrate the year of my birth, of course.

5. Honda Big Ruckus

ruckus01The Big Ruck is the scooter version of the Nissan X-terra I wanted for most of my twenties and never got.

I’m actually hoping to get two of these, but one is a good start. With two, the Page will no longer be relegated to Cupcake status, and we can load both scooters up and go Camping. I’m convinced with the right scooter, I’ll start to love sleeping on the ground and pooping in the woods.

It’s worth a shot.

I gotta run… there’s a Dahlia Bakery Triple Coconut Cream Pie with my name on it. And, hopefully, some candles.

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