A Stella's work is never done.

A Stella’s work is never done.

Scooter Lust was developed to fill the void of all-inclusive scootering sites out there. My goal is to create a welcoming site where any human on two wheels can get information, support and encouragement. (Or at the very least, be entertained.)

Whether you’re new to scootering or an old gearhead, I hope everyone feels comfortable here. I’m especially interested in fostering a “can do” attitude among the ladies out there. Learning how to work on my own scooter has been fascinating and empowering. (Plus guys love a chick with a wrench.) Let’s create a place where we can get our hands dirty and be girly if we want. Hell – lets break a few nails while we’re at it.

Scootering is about the experience of riding and being part of a community. It’s not about labels, cc’s, brands, who’s cooler than who, or which lifestyle you subscribe to. I believe in one love – regardless of race, creed, gender, engine size or country of manufacture.

About Me

I love the Frankenstella.  Clearly.

I love the Frankenstella. Clearly.

My name is Kristin and I bought my first scooter, a little white Honda Elite 80, in 1998.  I’ve had several scooters since then, including a taxicab yellow Honda Elite 250 I called The Beast, and a Vespa GTS 250 named “Aphrodite.”

I presently ride a custom 2003 Stella scooter known affectionately as the “Frankenstella,” a Limited Edition Atomic Fireball Stella, and a Vespa GTS Super 300.

I ride year-round.  For a long time, scooters were my sole mode of transportation. I’ve scooted in Boston and New Haven, and I presently scoot in Seattle.

I have a degree in journalism with a concentration in photography so I thought I’d put it to good use and create a site about my biggest passion. I hope you get something out of this project, even if it’s just a hearty chuckle at my epic misfortunes in the saga of the Frankenstella.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or drop me a line via the contact page.

Scoot happy and keep the rubber side down!

Vespa GTS 250, Aphrodite

Above photo of Aphrodite, my Vespa GTS.
Stella Hugger and Stella Fixing photos courtesy of Vu